Passionate About Business Growth

Creating the conditions for further growth and success by joining your team for a day, a week or for a specific campaign, providing you with additional expertise, experience and capacity including:

  • International Market Analysis — It’s about more than just national economic performance and a web search.
  • Business Development Strategy — It’s more than just sales and marketing.
  • Cultural Advice (including one off lectures) — We believe it’s essential for business success abroad.
  • Global Contacts — We live in a world where relationships matter.
  • Responding to Customers’ Requests for Information (RFI) — It’s not just what you respond with, it’s how you do it.
  • Responding to Customers’ Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Invitations to Tender (ITT) — We can help you to win.
  • Offset Strategy — Offset planning is a key component of a winning strategy.
  • Licensed Manufacture — If it makes business sense or is a pre-condition for winning.