Passionate About Business Growth

Creating the conditions for further growth and success by joining your team for a day, a week or for a specific campaign, providing you with additional expertise, experience and capacity including:

  • Value Chain Analysis — We believe every aspect of a company has an effect or impact on success.
  • Identification of Unique Selling Points (USPs) — They are not always obvious, particularly when dealing with a global marketplace.
  • Market Analysis and Creation — There is more to market analysis than just a web-search and economic stability.
  • Cultural Essentials (including one off lectures) — Essential for business success abroad.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) — CRM is more than just a data-base. Effective CRM is a critical component of success.
  • Knowledge of Government procurement procedures — They can be complex at home or abroad and it’s vital to get it right.
  • Introductions to large Prime Contractors operating in the UK — You need the right contacts and credibility to enter and succeed in the supply chain.
  • Responding to Customers’ Requests for Information (RFI) — It’s not just what you respond with, it’s how you do it.